Bruno Slagboom's Portfolio

|| FOOD ||

Freelance Chef on demand || available throughout The Netherlands

  • Catering
  • Show-cooking
  • A la carte dining
  • Private dining

My aim is to use as many local products as possible with a strive for a 85%/15% ratio local/foreign products. Besides I find it important to use everything a product has to offer, so preferably no waste. Consciousness when cooking is something I believe is important. Thus I try to be an example of my believes; 

Consciousness, tasteful, organic, local, hygienic, good vibes.

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Goat cheese with a jelly of beetroot.


Quiche with broccoli and cashew, deep-fried sage and sweet preserved citrus-skin.


Wolffish with a Yasmin-cream, Dutch local veggies and a potato-rosti. 



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